Waves of Change: Modern Perspectives in Asian American Psychology
#28 – Therapist Burnout

Do you feel ineffective at your work as a therapist? What about Asian work ethics? What does it mean to you if you burn out at work? Can you die from burn out?

#27 – Black Panther Vs. Mulan

What does it mean to be a hero? Also, why are some people boycotting the film Mulan, while celebrating Chadwick Boseman and the Black Panther.

#26 – 1 out of 4: Suicide & COVID

For American College Students (ages 18-24 years old), 1 out of every 4 young Americans said they had seriously “considered suicide in the past 30 days.” These numbers are alarming! What can we do?

#25 – Spanking the Pork (藤條燜豬肉)

Were you spanked as a child? Are you a better person because your parents spanked you? Should you spank your children? Will spanking cause permanent psychological damage? How familiar are you with the 雞毛掃 (Rooster Feather Duster)?

#24 – Do you have a “Therapy Voice”?

Do you sound different when you are doing therapy? Your therapist might sound different in another setting as well. What can our therapy voice teach us about our work with clients? What can our therapy voice teach us about ourselves?

#23 – Doomscrolling

Have you ever continuously scroll through your news feed even if it makes you depressed or anxious? Are you someone who is addicted to the news? The term for this is “doom scrolling.” How often do you doom scroll?

#22 – Surviving 2020: The Therapist Perspective

What is the positive in 2020? Is this what our lives are going to be like from now on? How will this impact my children? Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? How do we support our clients when our own lives are impacted?

#21 – Gender Neutral Parenting in an Asian American Household - With Michelle Chang

“Boy” or “Girl”? “He”, “She”, “They”? In this episode, Michelle Chang, MFT, RDT shared her experience in raising her gender-neutral child in an Asian American household.