Waves of Change: Modern Perspectives in Asian American Psychology
#20 – Psychology of Cancel Culture

Do people deserve a second chance? Should we hold folks responsible for their social media? What should you do if you are canceled?

#19 – The Minds of Karens and Kevins

What is a “Karen” or a “Kevin”? Are you a Karen? Is the slang Karen misogynistic and racist against white people? Do you want to speak with the manager?

#18 – Requirements To Be Married

How much must a man make before he is eligible to be husband material? How old can a woman be before she is too old to be married? How does gender stereotypes impact modern world views?

#17 – Treating Asians the same as Treating Asian Americans? With guest speaker, Sophia Ng

What are the cultural differences between Asian and Asian Americans? What is it like to provide therapy in Hong Kong compared to providing therapy in the US?

#16 – So...I Facebooked my therapist…

Should I facebook my therapist? Should I facebook my clients? What do I want to find out? What am I afraid of finding out?

#15 – Talking to my Asian Aunt about my Black friends

My Asian family can be very racist, how do I talk to them about BLM? Is it appropriate to talk about BLM with family members? What is our role as therapists during these times?

#14 – How Asian Americans contribute to White Supremacy?

What does white supremacy have to do with Asian Americans? Is the Asian American minority myth the same as the product of white dominance? Should we rock the boat?

#13 – Drink the soup! Asian parent’s love.

How come my Asian dad never tells me that he is proud of me? Why don’t my family members tell each other they love them? What is up with all these soups and peeled fruits in a bowl?